App Developer Resources

App Developer Resources

This webpage contains comprehensive details for creating an app like The Wave Transit-Mobile app by utilizing our real-time data. Familiarizing yourself with the process of accessing and utilizing this data is crucial if you intend to embark on developing your own app.

About GTFS 

Several sources provide information on GTFS, the standardized data format for transit schedules initially created for Google Transit. A recommended starting point is the official documentation curated by Google, which contains references and examples

The Wave Transit - Mobile App GTFS-Real-Time

The collaboration between Google and several global transit agencies led to the development of GTFS-real-time. This data format provides a current snapshot of all active buses in operation. The information is transmitted using a lightweight data format known as Protocol Buffers. Google offers a range of resources on this data standards here. Below is the link to The Wave Transit System's Bus GTFS-real-time feeds.