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Citizens Survey

  1. Do you ride the Wave Transit System?*

  2. If yes, which do you ride?

  3. How often do you ride the Wave Transit System?*

  4. If you do not ride the Wave Transit System, why not?*

  5. How do you use the Wave Transit System?*

  6. If we could expand the Wave Transit Systems’ fixed routes to other areas within Mobile County, where would it be? *

  7. If public transportation could be extended to other inner city areas, where would you recommend?*

  8. What could the Wave do to improve transportation services?*

  9. Please rate your overall satisfaction.

  10. Customer Service-Office*

  11. Customer Service- Bus Operators*

  12. Professionalism of Staff *

  13. Professionalism of Drivers*

  14. Website Information*

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