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(Temp)Wave Transit Job Application


  1. 1. Position Information
  2. 2. Step Two
  3. 3. Eligibility Questions
  4. 4. Educational Background
  5. 5. Advance Schooling and Trades
  6. 6. License Qualifications
  7. 7. Driver Experience
  8. 8. Accident Review
  9. 9. Clerical Applicants Only
  10. 10. Mechanical Experience
  11. 11. Employment History
  12. 12. Employment History
  13. 13. Step Thirteen
  14. 14. Application Statement
  15. 15. Equal Opportunity Information
  16. 16. Step Sixteen
  17. 17. Additional Information
  • Position Information

    1. Application for Employment
    2. Please advise us in advance if you need any type of special accommodation to complete this Application for Employment form or to take any pre-employment test.
    3. Qualified applicants are considered for all positions without regard to age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, marital, or veteran status. As a matter of policy, The Wave Transit System consistently checks reference information, both educational and employment, of all final candidates. For this reason, it is essential that all information requested on the applicant and supplied by the applicant be accurate and complete.
    4. Instructions:
      Be sure to answer all questions. If any question does not apply to you, answer with “No” or “Not Applicable” or (N/A).
    5. Who Referred you to our Company?*
    6. Have you worked for this company before?*
    7. Have you ever applied with this company before?*
    8. Would you accept employment in another city?*