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In the "Procurement" section you will find information on:

  • Current contracts
  • Upcoming projects
  • Completed projects
  • And much, much more!

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It is the policy of The Wave Transit that disadvantaged and/or minority businesses have fair and equal opportunity to participate in The Wave Transit procurements.

Contact The Wave Transit's Planning Department at (251) 338-0100 for any questions concerning procurement or capital purchasing.

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Evaluation Policy

Procurement Information Request

Non Discrimination Notice

DBE Application

FY 2009 DBE Goals

DBE Update FY 2009

Bidder's List

Phase Two

Phase Two Addenmdum 1-PROJECT meeting

IFB MT-052-09

The Wave Transit Bus Shelter installation GM0 Phase3

2010 DBE Notice

2010 DBE Goal Legal Notice

Protest Bid Procedures

Protest Bid Procedures.doc

Water Oil Separator

Oil-Water Separator Project number WTS-09-001

BUS Shelter Bienvill Square

MT-052-09 Bus Shelter Bienvill Square Down Town

Project MT-052-09-2

Bus Shelter Installation Project MT-052-09-2

Revised Program Management Plan

revised 10-26-2009

General Application

People use want to apply for employment at the wave

Bus Driver Application

Bus drivers employment application

Department listing

List of departments at Thewave


Benefits employees get at Thewave

Reverse Commute File

Job access Reverse Commute(JARC)

Public Transportation

For public education on public transportation


Baldwin to Mobile Runs

Call for Projects

JARC(5316) New Freedow(5317) Call for Projects

Access-A-Ride Public Notice

Access-a-ride public notice of service

NewFreedom Addenda 1

the New Freedom Call for Projects Pubic Announcement. Title it, 5316 JARC/5317 New Freedom Addenda #1.

Map Application

Wave transit map application

Towing Rocovery

Towing Recovery Legal Notice Document

Addenda #1

Towing & Recovery IFB-Addenda 1

Bus Shelter Addendum 1Phase 4

Addendum 1Phase 4.pdf

Bus Shelter Addendum 1Phase 5

Bus Shelter Addendum 1Phase 5

Hydraulic lift jack ifb

Hydraulic jack

Fluid Supply Line ifb

supply line

Advertising Rates


Temp Route Change Mardi Gras


Route 7 Change